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Petroleum Safety Manager Pipeline Systems

Petroleum safety manager pipeline systems

Petroleum Safety Manager (Pipeline Systems) course covers: Authority and Scope of the Pipeline Safety Program Legislation, Rules & Regulations, Administration DOT-PHMSA-OPS Oversight Emergency Response and..

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Graphic Design Course

Graphic design course

Graphic Design Course This course introduces students to the ubiquity and multiplicity of purpose of graphic design and the applied arts in general. Students discover the cultural dimensions of visual and verbal elements and learn to appreciate interna

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Diploma in abnormal psychology course

Diploma in Abnormal Psychology Course  Psychology is the study of human thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Abnormal psychology is the study of abnormal thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Abnormal thoughts, feelings and behaviors may or may not ..

Computerized accounting system course

Computerized Accounting System Course Introduction to utilizing the computer in maintaining accounting records, making management decisions, and processing common business applications with primary emphasis on a general ledger package (QuickBooks)..

Civil, road & land surveyor course

Civil, Road & Land Surveyor Course Surveyors and Civil engineers remain in high demand as construction booms in the world. Inspire institute of technologies Pakistan Diploma program in Civil Surveying Engineering Technology will give you the s..

Diploma in childrens studies course

Diploma in Childrens Studies Course The Diploma od  Children Studies has been developed to meet the identified needs of practitioners in the childcare sector who wish to pursue further education and training in a flexible manner, complimentin..