Diploma in Project Management (DPM) Course In Pakistan (Rawalpindi, Peshawar)


Diploma in Project Management (DPM) Course

Projects in all contemporary and emerging industry sectors are becoming increasingly complex and challenging. The accelerated advances in technology, new business models, availability requirements, and an augmented demand to deliver economic value and a competitive advantage demand a curriculum that will develop individuals into expert project managers.
Managing project requires strong leadership skills and proficiency in project management knowledge and practice to be able to achieve the project and organizational objectives on time, on budget and to the full satisfaction of all stakeholders. Industry and government recognize project management as an essential discipline in today's workplace.

Course Content of Project Management (DPM):

1:Concept of PMP
2:Signification and vital role of PMP
3:Characteristics of PMP
4:Relationship between Project Management and other methodologies
5:Effective Project Management
6:Project Planning
7:Identification of Project Activities
8:Costing and Resource Requirements
9: Resource Availability
10:Projects in contemporary
12:Budget Estimation of Projects
13:Monitoring, Controlling and Making of Project
14:Scope the Project
15:Organize & Conduct the joint Project Planning Session
16:Recruit, Organize, and Management the Project Team
17:Monitor & Control Progress
18:Clouse Out the Project
19:Project Life Cycle & Organization

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