Conflict Management Course In Pakistan (Rawalpindi, Peshawar)


Conflict Management Course

Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives but how we view it and how we deal with it can turn it from being an unpleasant experience into one where we learn and grow. This course will help you to understand how conflict can be positive and will introduce you to tools and techniques that will assist you to effectively deal with conflict situations.

Conflict Management Course Contents:

1:The Purpose of conflict

2:Changing what you do for a different outcome

3:Defining a difficult person

4:Working with difficult people

5:Using honesty and agreement

6:Turning argument into discussion

7:Defusing blame

8:Active listening and responding

9:Understanding the roles people play

10:Dealing bad news

11:Feeding the solution not the problem

12:Choosing appropriate conflict

13:Creating win-win: achieving resolution

One Year Fee:

25,000 PKR

Two Year Fee:

50,000 PKR

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