Leadership and Team Management Course In Pakistan (Rawalpindi, Peshawar)


Leadership and team Management Course

Every business, every organization, and every team is fundamentally a collection of people who are working together towards one or more common goals or, as one scholar put it, “The people make the place.”   Thus, a foundational understanding of people and human relationships in a workplace context is vital to the short-term and long-term viability of any enterprise.  This class is designed to combine theory and practice in order to bring about a better understanding how individuals, teams, and organizations function.  Particular emphasis is placed on the role of leaders in organizations

Leadership and Team Management Course Contents:

1:Developing Personal Leadership

2:Achieving Organization Result

3:Understanding the Innovation Process

4:Demonstrating the Planning Process

5:Defining the Performance Process

6:Appraisal system and the Coaching Process

7:Problem Analysis and Decision-Making

8:Recognizing Human Potential

9:Implementing the Delegation Process

10:Handling Mistakes

11:Communicating to Lead

12:Leading More Effective Meetings

13:Celebrating Success

14:Committing to Continuous Improvement 

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