Diploma in Housekeeping Manager Course In Pakistan (Rawalpindi, Peshawar)


Diploma in Housekeeping Manager Course

Housekeeping managers oversee and coordinate the activities of cleaning employees in places like offices, medical facilities and hotels. They maintain schedules, screen applicants, assign duties and review employee performance. Patience and tact may be necessary for these managers when dealing with challenging employees or customers

Housekeeping Manager Course Content:

1:Defination, classification of housekeeping

2:Room divisions

3:Identify divisions and systematic operation of work in housekeeping

4: Identify cleaning and cleaning agent

5:Describe relationship between housekeeping and other department

6:The role of housekeeping in customer relations

7:Importance of housekeeping in profit making

8:Basic skills use in housekeeping management and operation

9:Operating budget as control

10:Implementing efficient purchasing practices

11:Safety and security needs of housekeeping

12:Managing skills require operate laundry operations

13:Planning physical layout of laundry operation

14:Developing procedure for laundry different fabrics

15:organizing the flow of lines through the laundry process

16:Operating typical machines and equipment used in laundry

17:Staffing the on-premises laundry operation    

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